Revitalize Your Finance Management

Enhance and elevate how you do business with innovative financial management tools including digital deposit assistant, visual billing and more.
Intuitive Dashboards

Create dashboards that present the real-time information you need in an intuitive view for next-level financial management.

Advanced Business Intelligence

Quickly access valuable, real-time insights from wherever you are so you can make informed decisions around project charges, cash flow and more.

Action-Based Alerts

Set up real-time, actionable text message and/or email notifications to alert you when a financial-related threshold has been reached and a project requires your attention.

Cloud-Managed Capabilities

With cloud-managed system access, you can monitor and regulate your firm’s financials at any time, from anywhere on any device.

Sophisticated, Flexible & Effective

Cash Flow

With advanced financial reporting capabilities, you’ll be able to review anticipated expenses, outstanding bills, collection milestones and past-due balances affecting your firm’s cash flow in real-time. Reduce DSO by digitizing your financial operations with visual billing — you’ll expedite the billing approval process and be able to invoice and process payments digitally.


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BST10 Team

Business Intelligence

The data your company generates in its day-to-day operations — and how you use it — can play a crucial role in shaping your business’s future. Our advanced business intelligence tools aggregate your transactional, project, performance and even external application data within one simple and integrated user experience.


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Our open platform has an expansive API that gives you the freedom to seamlessly integrate with any existing and future third-party application investments — like leading HCM and payroll, CRM, and expense solutions. Plus, we’ve created formal partnerships with industry standouts for project information management, expense reporting and self-service reporting.


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Did you know?

120,000+ AEC professionals use our ERP and work management solutions to streamline business processes and improve their bottom line.

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Since going live with BST Global’s solution, our client billers can invoice a lot faster, at least around 2–3 days faster. And that’s just four months after going live. I see it continuing to improve as we become more and more experienced with the system.

Olie Abbamonto

Chief Financial Officer, Moffatt & Nichol

Before we implemented BST Global’s solution, we had several financial systems around the globe. Now, everything is in one system, giving visibility and insight to the whole company.

Hendrik Heuker

Head of Controlling, Witteveen+Bos

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