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Redefining  the way you
manage your consultancy.

See The BST10 Story

Redefining the way you
manage your consultancy.

See the BST10 Story

Redefining the way you
manage your consultancy.

See The BST10 Story

Redefining the way you
manage your consultancy.

See The BST10 Story

A business system built to work
the way you do.

Introducing BST10: a process-driven business management software solution built specifically to meet the needs of the world’s leading architects, engineers, and environmental consultants. Whether your firm has 200 or 20,000 staff, BST10 is designed to help you create, manage, and share business tasks faster than ever before – so you can get back to doing what you love sooner.



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Complex business processes, simplified.

BST10 is designed with you in mind. We focused on user experience from the ground up, to create a business management solution that architects and engineers would actually want to use. Our process-based system takes your everyday business tasks and streamlines them, to deliver a simple, modern, and unified user experience to everyone in your consultancy. Plus – unlike other dated, cumbersome systems – our intuitive design actually helps reduce the learning curve and increase user adoption rates. And because BST10 dashboards, reports, and inquiries are all integrated into one company-wide system, you and your team always have access to the same, relevant information needed to perform the task at hand.

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Collaborate in any language.

Global Team

Your employees may reside in different regions and speak different languages, but they still need to be able work on projects together – seamlessly. BST10 is the world's first enterprise business system for architects and engineers that supports 67 different languages in a single, integrated database. Our flexible solution even enables you to incorporate additional languages and terms that are relevant to your business. Now, your staff can easily collaborate in their preferred language on client projects across the globe.


Software that evolves with your business.

To meet the demands of global clients, today’s architectural and engineering consultancies are growing at an unprecedented rate. But traditional business systems often require costly customizations to adapt to your company’s changing needs. Not BST10. Our scalable platform empowers you to tailor every field, screen, dashboard, and workflow to suit your current and future business requirements – and then easily carry those changes over when system upgrades are delivered.


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Welcome to the new world of business software solutions.
Welcome to BST10.


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