Mark Fleming
CFO, Beca

With the help of BST Global, we’ve grown from a $65 million AUD company to a $420 million AUD company.

Karen Delgado
Knowledge Manager, Colliers Engineering & Design

BST Global really listens to our needs and the product has grown with us as we continue to grow.

Olie Abbamonto
Chief Financial Officer, Moffatt & Nichol

BST Global listens to the voice of the client and does the right things for those clients.

Jona Parriman
Financial Manager, Morrison-Maierle

BST Global is a company that values client service and relationships.

BST Global

We Are Industry & Project Experts

We have 50+ years of AEC industry expertise, specifically on the project lifecycle within this vertical, and our software and consulting ability prove that deep experience. We put the project at the center, so users experience a process-focused UX, empowering project managers every day. We also use ideation sessions to collaborate with our existing clients on new features that evolve our solutions based on real-world needs.

We Are Enhanced-Experience Seekers

We are focused on bringing more effortless experiences to every BST Global touchpoint. We’ve infused effortless qualities within our software with innovation initiatives like adaptable workflows and self-service reporting — features that will also show up in BST Global business processes and product advancements as we imagine and create the ERP experiences of the future.

We Are a Caring Family

We have a deep commitment to our inclusive and diverse family of employees, clients and partners. We serve as a trusted partner to our family members by doing the fair and right thing always, helping our clients in good and challenging times, and providing transparent communication. We never outsource, so our clients only work with BST Global employees, from sales and implementation to client management and support.

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