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Aligning with
industry leaders.

Aligning with
industry leaders.

Aligning with
industry leaders.

Aligning with
industry leaders.

Meet Our Strategic Partners

To gain a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities that our global clients face, we have aligned ourselves with several of the world's leading industry associations that serve the architectural, engineering, and environmental consulting industry. Collectively, our strategic industry partners represent more than 3 million architects and engineers worldwide.

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ACE Logo

Association of Consultancy and Engineering

The Association of Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) represents the business interests of its members, as well as the entire consultancy and engineering industry in the United Kingdom. ACE is the leading business association in this sector, representing approximately 650 member firms of varying sizes and disciplines.

Visit the ACE website


Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore

The Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES) is a nonprofit organization that represents the independent consulting engineering profession in Singapore. Formed in 1971, the association seeks to set and maintain standards of professional ethics, public accountability, and independence amongst its members, who are all directors or partners of consulting engineering firms operating in Singapore.

Visit the ACES website



ASPAC represents the FIDIC member associations that are located within the Asia-Pacific region. The group aims to provide a forum for the free exchange of information and foster the consulting engineering industry in the Asia-Pacific region in accordance with the principles and constitution of FIDIC.

Visit the ASPAC website

Consult Australia Logo

Consult Australia

Consult Australia is the leading not-for-profit association that represents the business interests of Australian consulting firms operating in the built and natural environment. The association offers a range of products and services to help its members run their businesses, as well as lobbies governments on their behalf to improve their operating environment.

Visit the Consult Australia website


European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations

The European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA) is the only association for the engineering consultancy industry in Europe. In total, EFCA represents 25 professional associations from 25 European countries. The mission of the association is to promote the European consulting industry both in Europe and internationally, and to represent it to European institutions.

Visit the EFCA website


Pan-American Federation of Consultants

The Pan-American Federation of Consultants, known as FEPAC, represents the national consulting associations in Latin America, with the mission of promoting and supporting the development of the consulting activities in each of its markets.

Visit the FEPAC Site


International Federation of Consulting Engineers

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers, known as FIDIC, is comprised of several national consulting engineering associations. Founded in 1913, FIDIC is charged with promoting and implementing the consulting engineering industry’s strategic goals on behalf of its member associations.

Visit the FIDIC website


The Hong Kong Institute of Architects

Formed in 1956, the mission of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects is to continue to raise both the standard of architecture in Hong Kong and the standard of professional services offered by its members.

Visit the HKIA website