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Insights Use Case

BST Insights is built with project teams in mind to help them deliver more successful projects and positively influence profitability.


Project Managers

BST Insights lets PMs understand at a glance which projects need their attention most by putting at-risk projects at the top of their view with crucial information displayed, such as predicted NLM and financial risk. This allows PMs to prioritize their focus so they can prevent fires, rather than spend all their time putting them out.

Project Directors

When overseeing a robust and diverse project portfolio, PDs need to access specific information in a sea of data. BST Insights lets PDs easily understand the overall health of their portfolio, and then filter that information by client, project manager or predicted monetary impact, so they know which projects and teams to focus on for guidance or praise.


Hear From Our Clients

Jeffrey Hinnen

“We are very excited about the AI and machine learning solutions that BST Global is creating so we can work in a more data-driven way.”

Karen Delgado
Knowledge Manager

“Project managers often come to me when they want help drilling down into the data to understand why a project might not be doing well. BST Insights will give them that information in an easy-to-understand display.”

Mark Alenius
Director, Financial Operations

“I’m excited about BST Insights’ predictive analytics using machine learning, which is the future. It’s all about looking into the future, and it’s also the future of software like this.”

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Firms Thrive With BST Insights

During our live “Journey to Project Intelligence™ 2023” event, we demonstrated how BST Insights can help project managers and project directors better manage their project portfolios.

Driving the AEC Industry Forward

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