Predict Project Outcomes With BST Insights

 Predict Project Outcomes With BST Insights
Like Waze GPS, but for projects, BST Insights tracks 35+ digital signals and applies AI and machine learning to predict project outcomes with more than 95% accuracy. This lets project managers easily understand which factors are influencing their projects, and course-correct to positively impact profitability.


BST Insights’ clean design keeps a project’s most urgent needs front and center. Plus, information is available anytime, anywhere, from any device, so you can work on the go.
BST Insights’ AI and machine learning capabilities provide anomaly detection and alerts, and recommend ways to optimize so that you can get your projects back on track.
No additional data collection or processing is needed to see the benefits — BST Insights uses your current ERP data to predict project outcomes 30 days in advance.
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Hear From Our Clients
Jeffrey Hinnen
“We are very excited about the AI and machine learning solutions that BST Global is creating so we can work in a more data-driven way.”
Knowledge Manager
Karen Delgado
Knowledge Manager
“Project managers often come to me when they want help drilling down into the data to understand why a project might not be doing well. BST Insights will give them that information in an easy-to-understand display.”
Director, Financial Operations
Mark Alenius
Director, Financial Operations
“I’m excited about BST Insights’ predictive analytics using machine learning, which is the future. It’s all about looking into the future, and it’s also the future of software like this.”
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