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Work Management Training

Our in-house trainers will ensure your team has everything they need to use BST11 Work Management effectively and teach your staff to do so as well.


Training Approach

Our Train the Trainer approach puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to getting your staff up to speed on all of BST11 Work Management’s robust capabilities.


Tailored Curriculum

We work closely with our clients to get a true understanding of your firm’s unique culture, processes, challenges and needs. Then, we make a tailored curriculum that takes your company makeup into account to ensure adoption success.


Train the Trainer

Our Train the Trainer method ensures your team can facilitate end-user training in-house. Once your appointed staff completes our Train the Trainer program, these “champions” can then deliver effective instruction to your end users.


Ongoing Support

Once we introduce your version of BST11 Work Management into the production environment and your team begins working within it, BST Global in-house experts will be there through go-live, additional training and ongoing support as needed.

Driving the AEC Industry Forward

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