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Resource Management Use Case

Resource Management powered by Audere serves the whole team, because people managers and team members deserve tools that help them succeed.


People Managers

We interviewed hundreds of resource managers (and team managers who act as resource managers) to understand the most common daily struggles. We’ve built Audere to provide flexibility and data layering, so people managers can collaborate across teams and optimize their team members’ workloads.

Team Members

Team members have their own unique challenges preventing them from truly living their passion. Audere lets everyone see who is working on what and when, so everyone knows what’s happening across the team and can avoid taking on too much or duplicating work.


Hear From Our Experts

John Mathew
Product Director

“As a team manager and a former consulting professional, I know how limited workload visibility and lack of collaboration can hinder a team. Audere gets resourcing out of spreadsheets and into an intuitive and collaborative experience — it’s a complete game-changer for teams.”

Heidi Ostrowski
Sr. Program Manager

“Audere provides resource managers with a slick toolset that lets them easily plan resource commitments for any size project and juggle on-the-fly schedule changes with a quick touch. Even if you’re onsite with a client talking about getting the right person for the work, Audere works seamlessly on any device.”

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Firms Thrive With Resource Management

During our live “Journey to Project Intelligence™ 2023” event, we demonstrated how Resource Management powered by Audere can help resource managers and team members better manage their project portfolios.

Driving the AEC Industry Forward

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