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ERP Comparison

Not all ERP solutions are the same. Find out what sets BST Global’s offering apart from the rest.


BST Global vs. Deltek

BST Global clients love that BST11 ERP has a consumer-grade look and feel that project managers and teams will embrace. Plus, it seamlessly connects to the technology solutions you’ve already invested in, saving you money, increasing efficiency, and reducing change management and project risks.  

BST Global vs. Oracle

BST11 ERP customers enjoy that our solution is purpose-built for the AEC industry. Plus, it meets project team members right where they are by being able to connect BST11 ERP with leading productivity tools like Microsoft Power BI. This saves time and drives efficiency while facilitating collaboration among project teams.


BST Global vs. SAP

Unlike other ERP solutions on the market, BST11 ERP puts the project right at the center of everything. The design of our solution’s focused micro-apps streamlines the user experience by showcasing only what you need to focus on for the task at hand.​

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Starting Your ERP Journey?

Our guide — “How to Prepare Your AEC Firm for a Successful ERP Journey” — will help you get your team organized and give you best practices for the process ahead.

Hear From Our Clients

Clinton O’Brien
Global Financial Systems Manager

“BST11’s Project app, the fact that it is more modular, is very exciting. Plus, the fact that it is totally mobile is also very exciting.“

Mark Alenius
Director, Financial Operations

“BST11 has an appealing look and clean functionality. I’m really excited for our project managers and our business folks to be able to use it.“

Sonya Leckner

“BST11’s enhanced user interface and mobile capabilities are improving the overall project management experience tremendously. Plus, we hear all the time that our employees are in the field and unable to do this or that, but now they can get their work done wherever they are, which is huge!“


Driving the AEC Industry Forward

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