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BST Global Leaders Inspire the University of Tampa’s Class of 2022

30 Jun, 2022

When the University of Tampa called on BST Global’s Chief Executive Officer Javier A. Baldor and President and Chief Technology Officer Carlos A. Baldor Jr. to address the Class of 2022 during their commencement ceremonies, both UT alums were humbled.

“What a great honor, for both me and my brother, to be part of such a monumental moment in the lives of these graduates,” Carlos explains.

The university held two separate ceremonies at the Florida State Fairgrounds’ Expo Hall, honoring more than 1,700 students at its commencement. Representing the class of ’89, Javier took the stage at the morning ceremony and shared some life perspective before revealing three key tenets that have shaped his life.

“You see, we are all on this journey of life,” Javier shared. “It’s a journey filled with incredible highs, and some very difficult times as well. To me, the journey of life is not at all about accumulating assets or ascending to the highest level of this company or that organization by any means possible. It is rather about somehow finding a way to make a true impact on the lives of those you love, those you know or perhaps those you have never even met. Our impacts can last well beyond our days here on Earth.”

The first tenet Javier spoke to was about dreaming really, really big. “I believe God places a dream in each and every one of us,” Javier said. “What is the dream that you have in your heart today? It’s never too late to realize your dream. You just have to believe in yourself when no one else does.”

His second tenet is to love, be kind and have a big heart. “I learned very early in life that you need to give your whole heart to your family, your friends and also those you work with,” Javier explained. “These are the people that you spend your life with each and every day.”

Lastly, Javier spoke to his final tenet: to always have faith, hope and perseverance. “Many of you will be tested in life in many different ways, some of which you will understand and much of which you will not,” Javier cautioned. “I truly believe that with God, all things are possible. And you need to always have hope that things will get better and persevere until they do.”

In closing, Javier shared this final sentiment: “I cannot promise you what kind of life you will have. But I can say if you do these things, you will serve a life well-lived.”

Representing the class of ’87, Carlos addressed graduates in the afternoon, giving the audience four distinct words to remember. The first word was “journey,” saying, “Embrace the journey as much as you can, and it will take you places and give you experiences you could have never expected.”

His second word was “poker.” “It’s said in the business world that people who play checkers are tactical and people who play chess are strategic, but I’d say in business and in life, it is more like poker,” Carlos shared. “There’s always more that we don’t know than we know. Ask yourself, ‘How sure are we really?’ It will help you adapt as circumstances change.”

He offered the word “textbook” as his third word, encouraging graduates to stay curious and continue to learn. “There will be topics that you are unaware of at this point that you will be an expert on in a few years,” Carlos said. “Though you are graduating with a specific degree, the real process was about learning how to learn. That is the skill that prepares you for the rest of your life. Learning is fueled by curiosity. Being curious is the best way to learn about yourself, which is really the ultimate goal for all of us.”

Lastly, he stressed the word “relationships.” Carlos explained, “You are not on this journey alone, and that’s what makes it really rewarding … the nurturing of relationships provides the community you will need to keep you grounded and pick you up when you fall. For me, that’s what adds richness to life and makes it priceless.”

So how do these four words impact the graduates? Carlos elaborated, “Your journey will take you places you would have never expected. Appreciating uncertainty will help you to adapt as circumstances change. Staying curious will help you learn about others and yourself. And the relationships you foster will help you along your way.”

In closing, Carlos shared a quote by Mark Twain, “Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably. And never ever regret anything that makes you smile.”

And in true brotherly fashion, both ended their speeches with an enthusiastic “Go, Spartans!”


BST Global’s Chief Executive Officer Javier A. Baldor addresses the University of Tampa Class of 2022 during the morning ceremony.


BST Global’s President & Chief Technology Officer Carlos A. Baldor Jr. inspires the University of Tampa Class of 2022 in the afternoon.

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