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Vulnerability in the Eye of AI
With AtkinsRéalis’ Darren Martin

June 7, 2024

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AtkinsRéalis’ Chief Digital Officer, Darren Martin, sits down with BST Global’s Chief Executive Officer, Javier A. Baldor, to discuss how AtkinsRealis’ is looking to leverage AI in its mission to make the world better.   

Darren also discusses the importance of recognizing our vulnerability in the eye of AI. He says that he sees the projection of authority and knowledge but not a lot of depth and vulnerability when it comes to what it all really means. Authenticity and holding ourselves accountable while navigating the unknown will help us empower our teams and our clients.   

Darren talks about leadership’s role in helping stimulate curiosity around AI within a firm, productivity lag in the AEC industry, opportunity gaps for the workforce of the future and much more.  

Listen to the full episode to hear what else Darren shared.  


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