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BST Global Announces AI & Analytics Team

27 Jan, 2022

BST Global is proud to announce its Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Analytics practice. The team will focus on evolving BST Global’s current solution set and creating new innovative solutions through artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data capabilities.  

Led by BST Global’s Director of AI & Analytics Hank Tran, this team consists of data scientists, data engineers, software engineers, quality assurance engineers, product managers and project managers. This team was previously known as the Knowledge Management team, and the name change signifies a larger shift in BST Global’s long-term strategy.  

“Knowledge management is narrowly focused on collecting, managing, and sharing data, which is really limiting in terms of scope,” Hank explains. “Our new name is more reflective of what we are doing now, and how we are going to build our products in the future.” 

BST Global leadership is committed to investing in specialized talent, artificial intelligence and big data to significantly help our clients impact their own bottom lines. Chief Product Officer Debbie Preacher says of the change, “We see AI & Analytics as a real opportunity to help our clients move the needle on improving their bottom line. By infusing project intelligence™ into the project manager experience, AI & Analytics can provide them with insights on anomalies, trends and even predictions for their projects. This unique visibility enables the project manager to change the trajectory of a project."  

Hank echoes those sentiments and elaborates, “BST10 has amazing features, but we want to offer our clients more than a feature-based solution. We want to be outcome-driven and help our clients improve profitability and utilization, and prevent revenue leakage, for example. Creating the right algorithms to solve specific business problems will positively impact our clients’ businesses. By providing our clients with project intelligence™, we can help them impact their project outcomes.”

Want to learn more?  

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