Partnering with us means we’ll be with you every step of the way, and our world-class support team is a big part of that promise.

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World-Class Support

Our in-house support experts are committed to delivering relevant information and quality solutions, no matter what.







What You Need, When You Need It

From Day 1, you can expect a responsive, professional support experience with personalized communication, customized solutions, one-on-one care, quick response times and so much more.


Experienced, Available & In-House

We’ll never outsource your support needs — our Support team is made up of BST Global employees around the world who are both product experts and AEC industry experts. That means we’re ready to provide you with comprehensive, timely support anytime, day or night. This team also boasts high tenure (several members have been with us for 20+ years!), so they ultimately become experts on the companies they support for a truly personalized experience.


Fast, Fair & Convenient

From our smallest client to our largest, everyone we serve receives the same premium level of support at no extra charge. As a trusted partner, we’re here to help however and whoever we can. We’ve designed our contact points to be intuitive and straightforward — reach us through BST Global’s eService Portal, via email or phone — and our average response time is less than one hour.


Simulation & Education

To best support our clients, we believe that our Support team should know your ERP solutions (and your company) inside and out. That’s why we focus on training our Support team hand-in-hand with our developers, product leads and IT, helping them provide premium issue resolution tactics. And, thanks to our data-scrubbing protocol, our team can duplicate issues to diagnose problems and provide solutions without jeopardizing your company’s sensitive information.

What’s really important is consistent customer service. When we call customer support, whether it’s me calling as the CFO or an Accounts Payable specialist, we get the same great level of attention. BST Global always gets back to us with answers very quickly, and that’s really big because that has not been our experience with other software companies.

Olie Abbamonto

Chief Financial Officer, Moffatt & Nichol


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