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BST Global’s AI Summit 

  • DATE

    April 16–18, 2024

About This Event

BST Global’s AI Summit is an industry-first event focused on all things AI for the AEC industry. We bring leaders from the world’s top design, engineering and environmental consultancies together to share how they are preparing for an AI-powered and data-driven future.  

Attendees will have access to presentations, expert panels and networking discussions on: 

  • Achieving AI-driven business transformation 
  • Applying generative AI and ChatGPT in the real world 
  • Deploying AI at scale 
  • Crafting a data-strategy foundation for your firm’s future  
  • Fostering the data-driven consultancy of tomorrow by leveraging AI and machine learning  
  • Exploring how large language models (LLMs) are becoming the new AI disruptors 
  • Strengthening and building resiliency in cybersecurity  
  • Discovering how to put the right trust, governance and privacy practices in place 
  • Attracting, developing and retaining the right talent and skills for your AI and big data future 
  • Meeting the ESG imperative with big data 
  • Reimagining the AEC industry as a “data” business and introducing innovative business models