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BST Global Helps European AEC Firms Solve Today’s Cash & Resource Management Challenges

  • DATE

    28 May, 2020
    9:00 am EDT

About This Event

BST Global Helps European AEC Firms Solve Today’s Cash & Resource Management Challenges

In today’s economic landscape, architecture, engineering and environmental consultancy firms are facing major cash flow concerns and resource management challenges, impacting project delivery and profitability. With a worldwide clientele, BST Global understands these unique challenges and has successfully partnered with leading firms to solve these risks and thrive forward.  

In this 45-minute webinar + demo, BST Global shared best practices, helpful tools and streamlined processes related to cash and resource management — resulting in more lucrative profit margins and more on-time project completions. The session included a demo of BST Global’s flagship ERP solution, BST10, and its cash and resource management capabilities.


Here are a few highlights.

  • “There’s a large opportunity gap between today’s employee billable utilization numbers and our desired state. Getting closer to the desired state can have a huge impact on your bottom line.”
  • “Empower your project managers, and digitize and streamline your processes to overcome key cash flow and resource management challenges.” 
  • “BST10 is a process-based system, so keep in mind that we designed the workflow to follow your projects.” 
  • “A huge benefit of using BST10’s resource management feature is not just to keep your staff busy but you have access to dashboards and forecasting.” 
  • A trend we are seeing in DSO management is electronic payments like letting clients pay invoices by credit card or digitally delivering invoices … it’s really about digitizing that entire experience.”