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Environment Analyst’s Global Business Summit 2022

  • DATE

    August 23–24

About This Event

Environment Analyst’s Global Business Summit 2022 will provide critical market intelligence so firms can position their company for growth, benchmark their business against competitors, and inform future investment and growth strategies.

Attendees will learn how to leverage ESG and other opportunities to deliver transformational change, understand how to best support stakeholders in their journey to net zero, and share best practices for delivering real economic and environmental change.

Come together with sustainability leaders from across the advisory, policy, business and investment world to understand the market dynamics; share the latest strategic thinking and technology innovations; and to help shape, deliver and lead in the transition to a net-zero, regenerative economy. The conference will take place in Denver, CO, August 23–24, 2022.

On Tuesday, August 23, BST Global Chief Executive Officer Javier A. Baldor will join in a panel discussion titled “Embedding Sustainability and ESG at the Core of Consultancy Business Models” from 1:45–2:30 p.m. MDT. Panelists are expected to address:

  • Key barriers to achieving environmental goals (regulation, funding, talent, organization culture and structure)
  • How digital and technology innovation can improve business efficiency and add value to the service proposition
  • Operationalizing key sustainability and net zero principles to achieve key goals
  • Evolving global business models and organizational structures to address current and future challenges
  • The role professional advisory and management consultants play in these challenges
  • The extent to which aligning company purpose and values with environmental goals can enhance employee recruitment and engagement
  • Using strategic partnerships and harnessing the power of the capital markets to improve the value proposition of environmental and sustainability consulting
  • Finding the ESG "sweet spot" and where the sector can deliver the most added-value

Javier offers his thoughts on the data-driven consultancy of the future ahead of his participation in this summit. Read the full article here.



  • Javier A. Baldor, Chief Executive Officer