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Texas M&A Symposium

  • DATE

    21 OCTOBER, 2021

About This Event

Hosted by Morrissey Goodale, the Texas M&A Symposium is packed with proprietary M&A valuation and pricing content, timely discussions of M&A trends in Texas and nationally, in-depth explorations of M&A best practices, and highly engaging and informative panel discussions with buyers, sellers and M&A experts.

Attendees will:

  • Hear from experts about current trends in AE industry M&A and what the outlook is for M&A nationally and in Texas
  • Understand the market for AE and environmental firms and what prices are reasonable to expect in the current economy
  • Engage with deal-makers in interactive panels and open discussion forums

The event takes place October 21–22, 2021 at the Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston in Texas. BST Global is proud to sponsor this two-day event. Please stop by our interactive booth to learn more about our innovative ERP solutions.