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Evelyn March

Group Director, Training & Talent Management

What makes me proud to be a leader at BST Global is the fact that I can dream and vision what I see, and share it with others, and they can take my vision to another level.


Evelyn serves as the Group Director of Training and Talent Management for BST Global. She joined BST Global in 2006 after accumulating a vast knowledge of project management best practices in the consulting engineering industry. Evelyn fulfilled the role of Project Systems Manager for Geosyntec Consultants, a leading international environmental engineering company with 1,000 staff members for 10 years, preceded by a four-year tenure with Craig A. Smith & Associates as a Cost Specialist, focusing on municipality contracts.


Since joining BST Global, Evelyn has acted as a Support Director, ensuring the satisfaction of BST Global’s worldwide client base. Combining the honed skills gained from her industry knowledge and coupling it with assessed internal needs to support client satisfaction, she began to develop learning criteria for internal staffing. The success of the training criteria has led to a successful onboarding and ongoing Training and Talent Management department.


A native New Yorker, Evelyn gained her certification in Actuary Science from City College of New York in New York, New York.

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