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BST Global Is Helping AEC Firms Solve Today’s Cash & Resource Management Challenges

In today’s economic landscape, AEC firms are facing major cash flow concerns and resource management challenges, impacting project delivery and profitability.

With a worldwide clientele, BST Global understands these unique challenges and has successfully partnered with leading firms to solve these risks and thrive forward.   

Because of this, BST Global hosted a 45-minute webinar + demo  Today’s AEC Cash & Resource Management Challenges Solved  to help provide viable solutions to architects, engineers and environmental consultancies to mitigate these challenges.  

Here’s an overview of some of the highlights.  

  • Industry Stats That Matter 
    • BST Global research shows firms today are seeing a 67% employee billable utilization rate but desire to be at 75%, an 8% opportunity gap 
    • However, AEC Advisors research suggests the gap could be even larger, at 13%; if a $100M organization increased utilization by 13%, the firm could see a $6.5M impact to its bottom line 
    • AEC Advisors research says the median DSO for firms is at 90.7 days while SPI’s research suggests best-in-class firms sit at roughly 45.3 days, leaving a huge opportunity gap that significantly impacts cash flow 
  • Major Challenges Affected Desired-State Goals 
    • Project Management Challenges: Lack of Resource Manager role, siloed utilization goals, lack of visibility to resource availability and workload, lack of communication and collaboration, and a disconnect between Resource Management and Finance 
    • Cash Flow Challenges: Lack of clear roles and responsibility, rigorous controls and processes, manual processes, lack of billing/collections process documentation, and lack of process evolution 
  • Additional Challenges Brought on By the Pandemic 
    • Abrupt shift to a digital workforce 
    • Even greater cash flow concerns 
    • More pressure on project delivery 
  • Successful Firms Focus on Two Key Pillars 
    • Empower your project managers: Deploy a power team of PMs, RMs and staff; tie utilization goals across geographies; and invest in a shared platform to foster communication and visibility 
    • Digitize and streamline your processes: Set clear roles, responsibilities and processes; say goodbye to paper; and review legacy processes for optimization 
  • How BST Global Flagship ERP Solution, BST10, Aligns to These Pillars 
    • Specifically designed for the AEC industry 
    • Projects are at the center of the system 
    • Role-based user experience gives specific views for specific end users 
    • Users can quickly move between projects with details at their fingertips   
    • The unified project experience paints a holistic project snapshot for users 
    • Resource planning and utilization visibility allows for easy assigning in one screen 
    • The native mobile application allows users to enter timesheet on the go with supervisor reviewing and approve right within the app 
    • Digital pre-bill generation gives users the power to swiftly make revisions and regenerate updated invoices immediately   
    • Billing back-up helps users say goodbye to paper 
    • Reports alert users to at-risk projects, allowing project managers to drill down to cause to solution against it 
  • Clients Have Seen Great Success  
    • 6-8 hours of time-savings per invoice 
    • 10-20 hours of time-savings per week 
    • Same revenue with -100 resources 
    • Better financial forecasting achieved 


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