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Next-Level Experiences
With Populous’ Jonathan Nelson

July 8, 2024

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Populous’ Global Head of Digital, Jonathan Nelson, sits down with BST Global’s Chief Marketing Officer, Eileen M. Canady, to discuss immersive design experiences utilizing AI and data, AI guidelines and policies, strategic talent recruitment, the critical importance of a data investment and more.  

During the conversation, Jonathan shares his unique path to Populous — though technically trained as an architect, he’s spent most of his career in technology, leaning into the digital and technological aspects of his field.   

He explains that Populous is experimenting with applying AI to Populous’ unique data sets across the business: in design, human resources, finance, operations and more. In particular, Jonathan shares the backstory of “The Sphere” in Las Vegas, NV, which Populous created using next-level immersive design.   

Jonathan also discusses the complexities behind AI standards, governance, copyrights and ownership before he touches on AI’s power to enhance and provide efficiencies in our roles (as opposed to replacing roles). Jonathan also shares key advice around investing in your data as a top priority.  

Listen to the full episode to hear more from Jonathan! 


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