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The Power of Augmented Intelligence
With Stantec’s Shankar Kalyana

June 21, 2024

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Stantec’s Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Shankar Kalyana, sits down with BST Global’s Chief Executive Officer, Javier A. Baldor, to talk about his passion for designing complex systems, his brother’s role in his career path, reimagining the way we’ll work in the future and more.  

Shankar shares that we are at the cusp of adopting AI at scale, but need leadership support and change management to drive it home. He encourages thinking of it as a bell curve. In every organization, 20% of your workforce is hungry for change and will serve as change agents, 20% are resistant to change, and the 60% in the middle are watching — wanting change but waiting to see it in action. He says to use that first 20% to create change, show value, and convince the rest of the value.  

Shankar discusses how we are moving away from a sense and respond era to a predict and preempt era, which is a very different mindset. It is about decision-making in a very proactive fashion vs. reactive. The amount of data we are using and the type of data we have access to has helped in that paradigm shift.  

He also talks about his belief that augmented intelligence (rather than artificial intelligence) will really advance the human capability to solve complex problems.  

Listen to the full episode to hear all Shankar shared during the podcast.   


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