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The AI Imperative: Facing the Now & Navigating the Next

As the AEC industry dives into a sea of change, leaders are tasked with meeting today’s demands while also trying to understand what the new world of work will look like and how best to prepare.  Industry-leading panelists discussed how they strike a balance between the critical priorities they face today and navigating uncharted waters…

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The AI Playbook: How to Lead the Way Forward

While it’s exciting to hear about successful AI use cases within our industry, not all firms have kicked off such initiatives just yet. Many are grappling with how to get started, where to find resources, who to involve and other challenges. Industry-leading panelists discussed the first few steps they took to begin their firm’s AI…

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Think Differently: Reimagining the AEC Industry as a Data Business

With the rise of generative AI, big data, ChatGPT and more, firms are introducing new digital offerings and solutions that don’t necessarily align with the long-established time-and-materials business models. The AEC industry is ripe to challenge this notion and create new business models that are value-driven and reward the creative application of AI usage and…

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