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The Journey from BST8 to BST10

03 Aug, 2021

BST Global leaders recently hosted a client webinar that showcased what the transition looks like for firms moving from our BST8 solution to BST10. Throughout the presentation, Director of Global Sales and Client Management Stan Bunn, Sales Engineer Leigh Valenti and Projects Director Eddie Shasek discussed why the switch to BST10 is such a critical move for our clients and how our proven implementation strategies set our clients up for success.  

Stan noted that firms today are looking for a solution that is intuitive for project and operations managers to use, able to connect to various other systems and investments they already have in place, and can serve as a platform for growth within their business. BST10 is built with the project at the center and three key design pillars in mind:  

Flexible Work Breakdown Structure 

  • Project → Task → Subtask capabilities up to 10 levels deep 
  • PM work breakdown structure separate from finance/accounting structure requirements 


  • Integration with the Microsoft productivity stack (MS Teams, MS Project and MS Power BI) 
  • Unique experience across roles, with specific capabilities available for PMs, resource managers, staff members and operations/HR managers 


  • Adaptable: Dynamic user interfaces and processes with personalization opportunities 
  • Global: Multi-language capabilities, localization and regionalization  
  • Secure: Single sign-on and role-based authorization 
  • Maintainable: Automatic deployment and upgrade compatibility  
  • Extendable: Service-oriented architecture and API, and automated entry for third-party applications 

Leigh took webinar participants through a BST10 demonstration, pointing out that the adaptable workflow enables project-setup flexibility based on the requirements, size and complexity of each project. Her “day-in-the-life” walkthrough highlighted features such as: 

  • Process workflow 
  • Real-time data updates and accessibility  
  • Project management dashboards 
  • Project, task and subtask setup 
  • Non-chargeable task options 
  • Integration with Microsoft Project, Teams and Power BI 
  • Mobile timesheets 
  • Inquiries 
  • … and much more! 

Finally, Eddie gave listeners the run-down on how BST Global makes the transition as easy as possible for our current BST8 clients. Our Implementation team does all the heavy lifting to ensure success by leveraging our standard, seven-step approach: 

  • Plan: Jointly coordinate the timing of major project activities 
  • Assess: BST Global provides an overview of BST10 and answers key process questions 
  • Convert: BST Global leads conversion of current-state BST8 data 
  • Test: BST Global conducts a process-driver review of converted and configured system 
  • Train: BST Global provides system training to the client’s trainers 
  • Deploy: BST Global oversees the cutover from BST8 to BST10 on a clean month-end 
  • Stabilize: BST Global provides one month of “office hours” support through first billing and month-end 

Eddie also discussed the collaboration between BST Global and the client team as one of the key elements of a successful transition. With a steering committee made up of leaders on both sides, meaningful communication through planning sessions and regular project status meetings, train-the-trainer system instruction and more, the BST10 implementation process highlights the strong partnerships BST Global creates with clients.  

If you couldn’t make it to the webinar but would like to learn more about the move from BST8 to BST10, contact your account manager for a recording of the session.


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