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The Journey to Project Intelligence™

20 May, 2021

BST Global Presents:
The Journey to Project Intelligence™

Empowering Data-Driven Consultancies Now & Beyond

BST Global leadership presented our vision for the ERP experience of the future to audiences around the world at our live “Journey to Project Intelligence™” event. Chief Executive Officer Javier A. Baldor and Chief Product Officer Debbie Preacher offered BST Global clients, employees and prospective clients a sneak peek into BST11, the next evolution of our flagship ERP product.

Javier addressed some of the challenges the AEC industry faces today — particularly the stagnant state of key metrics like median profitability and utilization — and how BST Global plans to help tackle those challenges. We know that a more productive project team will ultimately lead to higher profitability rates, so we conducted focus groups with our clients and users to find out what we could do to achieve just that. Armed with such valuable insights and feedback, we’re prepared to bring AEC firms a new generation of ERP solution with BST11.

Built for project managers by project managers, our enhanced platform is designed around three key pillars to improve productivity: BST11 is consumer-grade, smart and collaborative. This means that the new experience will be intuitive for users, allowing them to start using it effectively with no more formal training than they would need to operate a new smartphone. It will offer predictive insights that help teams make smart decisions based on prior outcomes of similar projects, and alert team members to potential roadblocks as soon as they are realized. And it will help team members across departments and around the world communicate project details, status updates, interest in specific projects and more.

“We believe that we can save you time so you can spend that time doing more of what you love. We believe that we can give you more intelligent information to help you make better decisions. We believe that we can help you to collaborate with and engage your team better. The combination of these three things will deliver better project outcomes and a healthier business and consultancy overall.”
– Javier A. Baldor, Chief Executive Officer, BST Global

Highlighting its functionality across multiple devices, Debbie gave audiences a tour of BST11 and what a day in the life of users will look like. She took a deeper dive into some of the features that Javier had touched on, including integration with Microsoft Teams. She demonstrated several exciting features that were designed with individual user roles and a project-centered workflow in mind.

While there wasn’t enough time to cover all that BST Global clients can look forward to, Debbie shared much of what current and prospective partners can expect to see with BST11 onboarding strategies moving forward.

“We all know that trends don’t happen every minute of the day. But as they start to pass a particular threshold, that’s the point at which we can deliver that project intelligence™ to PMs, because that’s the moment they can do something about it.”

– Debbie Preacher, Chief Product Officer, BST Global

Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying:
“We’ve been working with BST Global for almost 25 years. Throughout that time, they have always worked hard to continually evolve their product along with the industry’s latest technologies and strategies. BST11 is just another example of how BST Global listens to their clients to develop a truly remarkable ERP solution. I look forward to harnessing the power of this next evolution — I believe it will be transformational for our company in the coming years!”
– Louis J. Hernandez, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technologies Division, Bohannan Huston, Inc.

Finally, Javier announced that BST Global is preparing to introduce solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Our data innovations will focus on delivering project intelligence™ through unified, secure and smart data solutions.

At BST Global, we have a vision for the ERP experience of the future, and our “Journey to Project Intelligence™” event was a great opportunity to share it with our clients, employees and the AEC industry. We’re excited to bring our partners a solution that’s fueled by artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive technology within a consumer-grade experience. And we’re ready to help you trade in your reactive, accounting-focused approach and outdated user experience for a proactive, data-driven and intuitive platform that facilitates impactful results, empowers project teams and changes the way your consultancy wins, executes and manages projects forever.

“The passion that you as architects, engineers and environmental consultants have for this industry is unrivaled and inspiring. We want to help you save time, be more productive, be more efficient, so that you have more time to live your passion each and every day.”
– Javier A. Baldor, Chief Executive Officer, BST Global

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