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We Are a Caring Family: Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries

13 Oct, 2021

As our company celebrates 50 years in business, several of our valued team members have also reached significant anniversaries. These colleagues were honored by BST Global leaders at a special company meeting. Here are a few highlights shared about these fine folks that take us “way back …”

  • Pete Drake, Team Lead, Infrastructure & Cloud Services: 20 years
    BST Global President Carlos A. Baldor Jr. and Director of Infrastructure & Cloud Services Steve Greenberg both recognized Pete Drake, who joined BST Global after a 20-year career in the military. Carlos cited Pete’s commitment, sharing before and after pictures of the BST10 launch party where Pete and others who had grown beards during the project were ceremoniously shorn by a master barber to commemorate the event. Steve followed this up by calling out Pete’s quality of supernatural grouchiness that’s like a crystal ball revealing a problem that needs attention. He even confessed that “Pete’s grouchiness has saved my hide many, many times.” Thanks, Pete, for 20 great years!

  • Charlie Dunn, Senior Application Product Specialist: 20 years
    Chief Operating Officer Del Warnock recognized Charlie Dunn, who started his career at BST Global on the Support team. Over the years, Charlie’s tenacity and drive to learn let him to join the Solutions team where he thrived as a senior member of the team before returning to the support side of the business. Thanks for all your hard work, Charlie!

  • John Mathew, Product Director, Project Pursuit & Delivery: 20 years
    Recognized by Chief Product Officer Debbie Preacher, John joined BST Global in 2001 as a product manager. He has held four different titles in as many offices — one of which he and Debbie shared, with the light of a lava lamp serving to divide their workspaces. John has a master’s degree in architecture and engineering, and was fondly dubbed “The Professor” by the company’s founder Carlos A. Baldor Sr. Thank you for 20 years of service and friendship!
  • Stan Bunn, Director, Global Sales & Client Management: 25 years
    Recognized (or rather, roasted) by Chief Executive Officer Javier A. Baldor, Stan joined the BST Global team as a Senior Account Executive in 1996. After 25 years as part of the family, Stan’s reputation precedes him — whether it’s by his “ask forgiveness, not permission” approach to commandeering first-class seats, his impeccable moves on the dance floor or his multi-channel communication philosophy. Thanks for everything you do, Stan. We’re truly blessed to have you!

  • Chris Gibbud, Senior Product Architect: 25 years
    Also part of the team since ’96, Chris Gibbud came to BST Global from one of our client firms and has served in variety of technical and product management roles since. She has been a great asset to the BST Global family, and was even instrumental in hiring another one of our anniversary honorees, Pete Drake. Happy anniversary, Chris, and thanks for your service to our team!
  • Moorthi Sundara, Principal Performance Engineer: 25 years
    Recently promoted to Principal Performance Engineer, Moorthi has made many contributions that have helped shape BST Global as we know it today. He’s been involved with several generations of BST Global products in the areas of software engineering and quality assurance. Thank you and congratulations, Moorthi!

  • Karen Verwoord, Senior IT Systems Engineer: 25 years
    Karen has served the company for 25 years, having joined us right out of college. Over the years, she has provided incredible expertise in both internal and client-facing IT roles, and worked hard to ensure the business had access to the technologies necessary for growth and success. Thanks for all you do, Karen!
  • Greg Gingold, Senior Technical Consultant: 30 years
    President Carlos A. Baldor Jr. also recognized Greg Gingold, who joined the team in 1991. Greg has an entrepreneurial spirit and great passion for his work, both of which are reflected in his eagerness to learn and his willingness to take on multiple roles in projects to expand his skillset. Fondly considered the “Kramer” of their crew, Greg’s sense of humor and dedication to his work have been a true blessing. Thank you for 30 fantastic years!

  • Richard Kievit, Manager, Support: 40 years
    Celebrating 40 years, Richard Kievit was recognized by both Carlos and Javier, as well as by Liana Baldor, Vice President of Administration. All three discussed how much personality and spirit Richard has brought to BST Global, particularly with his mischievous nature, since day one. His loyalty and dedication to the business and family are evident in his willingness to “do whatever it takes,” a philosophy that Founder Carlos A. Baldor Sr. lived by as well. Thank you, Richie, and congratulations on 40 years!

We couldn’t be prouder of our fantastic team! We truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication to making BST Global the company it is today — we’re blessed to have you as part of our caring family.


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