BST Global Leaders Speak About Artificial Intelligence at the ACEC 2021 Fall Conference

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ACEC hosted its 2021 Fall Conference in Marco Island, FL, on October 27–30. This year’s event featured high-profile speakers, educational sessions on industry hot topics, networking opportunities, an Exhibit Hall and more.

Two of those high-profile speakers included BST Global Chief Executive Officer Javier A. Baldor and Director of Knowledge Management Hank Tran. The executives hosted a special session titled “How AI + Big Data Will Transform the AEC Industry.” Artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data are the emerging technologies reshaping just about every industry today. This session examined the unique opportunity AEC firms have to leverage these technologies and foster the data-driven consultancy of the future, which is built on project intelligence™ and powered by predictive analytics. Attendees also learned a few tips on how to get this innovation journey started at their own firm. You can download the presentation here.

Some key highlights from presentation included:

  • “Think of this like Waze for projects. Signals are coming in from every transaction, and the models learn, inform and predict so you can course correct.”
  • “Data can come from any number of systems. The key is making sure the data can flow into a data lake.”
  • “Project intelligence™ can work for big and small firms, and is now available at a fraction of the cost.”
  • “To get started, we recommend you pick a key metric, or your top three metrics, and identify the associated data set. Start small and go from there.”

BST Global appreciates the opportunity to participate in events like the ACEC 2021 Fall Conference and looks forward to future engagements. Check out our Events page to find out where else we’ll be — we’d love to see you at some of our sessions!



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